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SEACHEM Prime and SEACHEM Stability

Discussion in 'Water Maintainence' started by Eric Locklear, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Eric Locklear

    Eric Locklear Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    Hi all!! I am new to the goldfish keeping world and just got my first 8 inch broadtail ryukin on friday 7/7. I did lots of research and learned about the nitrogen cycle. Well apparently not enough. I used one of the bottles of instant start live bacteria, not sure what kind, and stocked my tank with 3 danios from the lfs. I kept lots of live plants in the tank and also kept the danios for 2 full weeks before adding the goldfish. I added him on 7/7 and during the weekend he immediately had an ICK breakout. I now figure it was due to the water quality and the stress from moving. I have him on medication and he seems to be doing much better today but now need to address the water issues. I have heard good things about both products but does anyone have any personal experience with these products? Never want my leonidis to have to experience anything like this again and is trully heartbreaking as it seems i am the cause of his current state. So back to my original question....anyone have experience with these two products? Good or bad.

    Aquarium has lots of plants, amazon sword, dwarf hair grass, and some anubias. Tank is 40 gallons has one ryukin goldfish and two plecos. I dont have a water testing kit (yet) so really unsure of the water parameters. Have a HOB filter that slightly overfilters the water, a bubble screen, and have a heater arriving on friday to help with the ICK. Now that i understand the water concerns i am doing about a 25-30 percent water change every 2 days as it seems the once a week is not enough for this waste producing monster, lol.

    Please any help you can offer is much appreciated thanks so much for your time!!!! :)

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